Many of you know that I started counseling in September of 2019. I made the decision that I needed another counselor because I needed to explore things at a different level and try different methods in my counseling.

Today was the first day with my new counselor. Let’s just say I discovered I had a big trauma that happened to me 9 years ago that I never dealt with. I talked about it with my other counselor but it was only the surface.

This new counselor pointed out that this trauma is the reason why things are in a particular area. It is the reason why I haven’t fully loved, fully healed, fully given myself. For me, I thought I had dealt with it and was healed but I was only lying to myself. Realizing this was freeing and terrifying at the same time.

It’s freeing because I know why I am experiencing certain things and I can walk towards true freedom and healing. It’s terrifying because I will have to talk and deal with what happened 9 years ago. That’s the road to true healing, right? Having certain freedom but terrified of facing it.

Today is the start of my healing process. Man! I wished I would have done this properly when it first happened. Man! I wished I could just get over it and move on. But that’s not the case. I’m grateful that it has been revealed and I can experience true freedom. I can love it again. I can be healed. I can forgive. I can share my testimony with people like you.

It’s so important that we face our traumas but if we don’t, it will hinder us in our present and future. It will change things in us and cause us to close up when we can have freedom in God.

Did you face trauma in your life? Big or small. Did you seek outside help or have you allowed it to fester inside of you? I encourage you to deal with your traumas with a counselor and watch how much freedom your mind and heart begin to have.

Deal with your trauma. I am at the start of dealing with mine and determined to come out a better woman because of it. You can too!

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