Today’s counseling session was pretty good. One thing I am working on is my patience with my children. At times I tend to get frustrated and angry with them. Yelling at them at times and I want that to stop.

My counselor gave me helpful ways to deal with my middle child. She cries A LOT! I used to cry a lot when I was a child but she really takes it to another level. Why does she cry? I often ask. It’s a way to get attention. It’s her way of expressing herself. It’s my job as the mom to teach her how to express herself without always crying. Counseling has not only helped me but it’s helping me be a better wife and mother.

Often times I become upset because I wish I haven’t waited so long. Oh, the joy it would have been to communicate with my husband better soon. Oh, the joy it would have been to help my children communicate better.

When I have those thoughts I think I wasn’t in the season where I wanted to look at what I needed to do to change. I wasn’t looking at myself but others’ faults. God has been showing me A LOT about myself and it’s been a wonderful feeling.

Has it been hard? Heck yeah! But it’s so worth it when I see my household at peace. It’s amazing how much God can do when you are willing to admit you need help.

I encourage you to not wait until you hit rock bottom as I did. Even if you aren’t in a bad state, counseling can make you a better person.

Thank you for reading and I am praying that God shows you who you are and the potential He sees in you.

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