This counseling session was an eye-opener but also very hard.

In order for me to be a better person for the present and future, I had to deal with things in the past.

Sigh. So hard….

I learned how I had to forgive not just 1 person but SEVERAL people who have wronged me. Some recognized it and some didn’t even know what they were doing.

When I was younger…I needed more affection and not realizing I needed that until I was older. That caused a divide in my marriage as my husband is a very affectionate and loving person.

The relationship with my two brothers not being there to be a big brother. In and out of my life and never have that sense of love from them. I just needed you to be there. The lack of communication as I was younger has allowed me to unintentionally hold things in.

Things in my past have affected my present but counseling now will allow it to help me have a better future. 🙌🏾

When they say forgiveness is for you, it truly is. There is something about releasing that feeling and welcoming freedom in your life.

Forgiveness…it’s soooo hard to do, right?

They wronged us. They deserve for us to hold onto bitterness towards them and just have anger in our hearts for the rest of our lives.


How can we truly live a life of freedom if we continue to hold onto what people did to us in the past? Is it easy? No. Will it take time? Yes.

We all deserve freedom in our hearts and minds.

As I’m writing this, I’m in tears because I know what I endured in the past has shaped me into what I don’t want to be. It has allowed me to not love the way God wants me to love. It has allowed me to harbor feelings towards individuals who not even thinking about me. Writing this is a sense of freedom. A sense of progression where I can declare that I will be free one day. I will forgive one day. I will be made whole one day. I will love the way God wants me to love.

I pray the same for you…..it will happen….one day!

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