Last week was my third time going to counseling. As always, it was nerve-racking, peaceful, and freeing. I’m always nervous when I first get in there. The anxiety comes and wonders what could go wrong. Literally 5-10 minutes in, it goes away. God begins taking over that anxiety and releasing His peace.

In this session, we talked about my thoughts and being mindful. A lot of times I can think a negative thought and the next thing you know my whole mood as changed. I do not even stop to process why I have changed but go on through life and allowing me to affect my family. My counselor wanted me to be mindful of my everyday thought process and mood change. To examine every thought that comes in my head especially if it’s a negative thought. Once that negative thought comes, changing it into a positive thought and not allowing it to affect my mood.

Easy right? 😞

Yeah right!

There are often soooooo many thoughts going through my head constantly. Whether it’s my family, work, residency, Jermaine’s music, creative ideas I have, and encouraging others.

Will I master this technique of changing my negative thoughts into positive ones?

I doubt it but I am determined to at least try to work towards it being better. It could take weeks, months, or years but knowing it will allow me to be a better person for this world makes me press on.

Be mindful of your thoughts. Be mindful of your reactions!!! That’s hard especially when someone pisses you off.

Did you know our reaction can completely change the situation? It could either add fuel to the fire or release peace.

I don’t know about you but I’m tired of being angry. Adding fuel to the fire and feeling a certain type of way.

I want freedom. I want peace and you should too!

Our challenge this week is to be mindful of our thoughts and reactions.

We got this! 😎

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